NSCD alumni collaborate on new project 'Souls and Cells'


Monday 26th July 2021, 9:18am Alumni collaborate on new project ‘Souls and Cells’


Souls & Cells is a collaboration between NSCD alumni Akeim Toussaint Buck and Crystal Zillwood.  Responding to increasingly polarised UK politics the two artists are coming together to explore ancestry and biology - what makes us different and what unites us on a universal level.

“With the growth of political polarisation and the “us vs them” rhetoric in contemporary society in England, we feel the urgent need to facilitate space for audiences and participants to reflect on what is inherent to all humans, what isn’t and how to come together with both similarities and differences - collaboratively moving towards a more equitable society."

This project will draw from both Akeim's and Crystal’s experience of making performance work that draws on their own individual backgrounds for inspiration. Akeim’s solo work ‘ Windows of Displacement’, originally supported through NSCD's Northern Connections programme explored his experience as a Jamaican-born artist living in the UK and Crystal’s solo ‘These Hands’, commissioned as part of her time on NSCD's CATAPULT scheme, drew from her family’s history of working on a small dairy farm in Devon since the beginning of World War One.

Both artists will explore new collaborative ways of working and test ways of sharing it together, exploring their similarities and differences while inviting audiences and participants to see their bodies and stories in a different way.


Join a free online dance improvisation workshop for all levels hosted by the artists.

28 July, 10:00 - 11:00am

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