Coronavirus/ COVID-19 update - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Thursday 8th October 2020, 5:00pm Coronavirus/ COVID-19 update

Updated Tuesday 5 January 2021 

Following the latest UK government announcement our building is now closed to all but a small number of staff who cannot work from home and teaching will be delivered remotely until February reading week. All students and staff have been notified directly and we will be updating these pages over the coming days with further information. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We continue to deliver excellent teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and staff have found new and innovative ways to respond to the challenges and are adapting accordingly.


We were pleased to welcome a new cohort of undergraduate students to the School in September to begin the 2020-21 academic year, with teaching being delivered via a blended combination of face-to-face classes, live online classes and independent study. Students are in small class bubbles of no more than 10 or 11 students for the purpose of face-to-face teaching.

Students were supplied with a COVID-19 guide prior to returning or starting their course. We have put in place new protocols and procedures to limit the risk of transmission within our building(s) – watch this short video.

We are working hard to keep students up to date with the latest guidance and internal protocols. For further information see below:


National Lockdown

During the period of national lockdown the School will again be closed to students and the public. The period of lockdown is at present likely to last until February reading week, which means that all teaching learning and assessment will go online or be re-imagined from 11th January onwards.

Can I travel for study?

Under the updated guidance from the Office for Students (5/01/21) the guidance from the government is clear: ‘Students will not be able to return to university, with students studying from their current residence, where possible, until at least mid-February’. 

Students will not be able to travel for study after 5th January. Travel to or from your term-time address should only take place if you cannot access or engage in the online provision from where you are, and student services will provide a letter which outlines the rationale for one-way travel.

Students who have travelled from overseas and are back in the UK should continue their journey to their term-time accommodation, as there are likely to be greater broader restrictions imposed in the next few days.


Staff are kept up to date with the latest communications and encouraged to work from home where they can.


To keep our full-time students and staff as safe as possible, our building remains closed to the general public, unless agreed for specific purposes on an individual basis. In these instances visitors must adhere to the protocols in place.

Our Riley Theatre programme of events has been suspended until further notice.

Our weekly community class provision remains online only this term. This will be reviewed at regular intervals, and updates communicated to existing bookers as a priority.