NSCD Launches New Artistic Partnership with City of Lille


Friday 28th April 2023, 1:17pm NSCD Launches New Artistic Partnership with City of Lille

Northern School of Contemporary Dance is delighted to announce an exciting new connection with Leeds’ twin city Lille.

For more than 55 years the city of Lille in the North of France has been twinned with Leeds, a relationship reaffirmed with an updated memorandum of understanding signed by civic representatives in March last year. The renewed twin link promises collaborative working in a number of fields including a range of arts, education and business projects.

NSCD’s partnership will see young individuals from NSCD in Leeds and performing arts organisations in Lille take part in mutually beneficial exchanges and activities, timely given Leeds’ own cultural celebrations as part of Leeds 2023.

Sharon Watson, CEO and Principal at Northern Contemporary School of Dance, said:

"Some of our postgraduate students are already lucky enough to get a taste of international touring due to our partnerships with specific institutions and companies in Europe.

This new partnership will broaden the travel and knowledge-exchange possibilities available to students from both Leeds and Lille, helping to stretch the imagination of the younger generation when it comes to thinking about a career in dance and pushing the boundaries of their practice.

Two dancers in a duet

Eric Assandri, Lecturer in Performance at NSCD, commented:

Travel experiences like these are both character-building and insightful for our students, offering them an opportunity to learn about other cultures

It is anticipated that new connections formed as a result of this exciting partnership will foster an international community of like-minded creative individuals, inspiring new forms of artistic expression and encouraging cultural diversity.