Consumer Rights - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Consumer Rights

Even before students take up a place on a course of higher education, a contract under consumer law is formed with Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD).  NSCD has created a handbook which provides you with guidance on how this all works, what the requirements are, and a single point of reference to help you ensure compliance with consumer law.  NSCD has agreed a common approach to managing Consumer Law requirements.

Consumer Law requires the School to ensure that:

  • Students are given up front, clear, timely, accurate and comprehensive information about their programme of study and any regulations, policies and procedures that apply to it;
  • Any terms and conditions applying to the provision of educational services by the college to the student, as the consumer of those services, are fair; and
  • Any student complaint handling processes and practices, before, during and after the completion of a programme of study, are fair and transparent.
  • It has a Student Protection Plan in place to protect the interests of students in the event of a material change in their programme of study

View the NSCD Consumer Law Handbook here

The terms and conditions applying to Higher Education level study at NSCD are contained within the School’s terms and conditions of entry. This covers all aspects of the relationship between the school and you as a consumer of its Higher education level educational services, as well as your consumer rights as a Higher education student.

Please note that as specified in the agreement, the terms and conditions come into effect when you accept a place on your programme of study. You do, however, have a right to withdraw if you change your mind and the student agreement will cease to apply if you do not progress to enrolment on your programme of study.