Instruments: Percussion


“I love playing for class and it is the response of the dancers that keeps me so committed to the art. When I play well I can see it.”

Career History

Eddy studied piano when he was still in primary school. He spent his first years as a professional playing a drum kit in France with groups that were involved with what the French called ‘Yè yè’. He played with most of the top artistes in that country including Charles Aznavour, Maurice Chevalier, Sylvie Vartan & Johnny Halladay. When he came back to England he was engaged in recording all through the 70’s.

Eddy got involved in dance through Ballet Rambert when Madame Rambert was still alive. At their school he first worked with Clover Roop & Chris Carter: “Due to their excellent guidance I worked with all the major schools & companies but especially London Contemporary Dance Theatre (LCDT) whose performances always thrilled me and made a big and lasting impression on me. At that time LCDT were doing a piece called ‘Troy Game’ by Robert North that was just out of this world.”

Professional Activity and Research Interests

Eddy is currently playing vibraphone in his own project which focusses on music from the Pacific rim. This project is inspired by another project he worked on with the artist Francis Yip, some years ago in London.