Company Dancer at Hawk Dance Theatre, Company Chameleon

Helen Andrew started life at NSCD in 2012 when she undertook the Foundation course. From there, she went on to do the BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary), graduating in 2015 and then completed the Postgraduate in 2016.

“I cannot thank NSCD and everyone I met along the way enough, for shaping who I've become and who I continue to become."

After graduating, Helen worked for UKCI helping facilitate dance and drama in Beijing for three months, as well as choreographing numbers for a musical. After returning she rejoined Company Chameleon working on their new production Witness.

In between work with Company Chameleon Helen has played Cinderella in Dubai with Urban Conceptz Theatre and has also performed in Hydromania, choreographed by Ruth Jones. Since 2017 she has worked as an Administrator and Company Dancer for Hawk Dance Theatre.