John Wannehag - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Company Dancer at Tanz Mainz, Germany

John graduated from NSCD in 2014 and then went on to do the MA Contemporary Dance Performance (Postgraduate Apprentice Scheme – PAS).

“One of the things I remember from NSCD was to never give up, even when things were getting tough or when injuries made it hard to participate. Always dream big and work for those dreams to become reality.”

John is currently working for a repertoire company in Germany where they perform between 4-5 new creations in a season and 1-3 creations from previous seasons. They have an extremely diverse season with work ranging from Guy & Roni, Sharon Eyal, Garry Stewart and Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Gurres to name a few.

After graduating, John spent a lot of time developing his own skills in cinematography and choreography, something that he is very passionate about. He also tried to push himself into new movement philosophies and training regimes where he picked up boxing and muay thai.

“By far the most challenging and rewarding part of my work so far has been the opportunity to perform in several very different performances at the same time. The ability to go into a new creation with a choreographer with an open mind, to really give yourself to a creation. “

In 2018 John will be performing new work from: Sharon Eyal, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver, Guy Nader & Maria Compos as well as existing work from Andreas Denk, Rui Horta and Taneli Törmä.