The CAT scheme taught me my fundamentals of dance, and even the terminology. It gave me an insight into different choreographers' expectations and how to try to adapt to these styles as quickly as possible. They also gave us so many performance opportunities, which allowed me to increase my confidence - I think without this I probably still would be a very shy dancer. Some were in the Riley Theatre, however some allowed us to dance in open spaces such as the city centre, which was an opportunity I’d never been given before. I think this allowed me to push myself more than I had before. Having workshops in different styles such as commercial, waltz, street dance etc also gave me an insight into styles that I’d never had the opportunity to before.

My advice: audition, and keep auditioning as much as you can. Every audition is different and will teach you so much! Audition because you love to dance and perform and don’t forget that no matter what. Move because it’s your passion and worry about the steps later. There’s always time so dance your heart out, and always push yourself. If you get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on moving. You can only be the best that you can be, and that’s what matters.


I had very little experience of dance prior to the CAT scheme. My sole training beforehand was at my performing arts school, despite always wanting to do more, as I didn’t know where around me was available.

I discovered the CAT scheme through a workshop that was delivered via my school. Every year they would come in and provide us with a taster class of what it would be like. After not getting invited the first time to audition I tried to work harder for a year and thankfully was asked to come to the open day the year after.


I’m currently in my third year of the degree at NSCD, an opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to gain without the support and training of CAT.

I am looking forward to freelancing and getting as much additional training outside of NSCD as I can. I’m also very interested in teaching as well, and will be trying to further this aspect after graduating. The support and training that CAT, Access, and the BA degree have given me has been so inspirational that I want to allow the next generation to get the same support as I was given.