Marianne Tuckman - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Dance Theatre Artist and Poet

Marianne graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2015 with First Class Honours and the NSCD Writing award.

Born and raised in London, Marianne has since studied and worked in Leeds, Vienne and Buenos Aires. She is currently based in Berlin.

After leaving NSCD, Marianne was selected to train at Espacio Lem, Buenos Aires where she focused on poetry in performance.

Marianne is involved in numerous projects around Europe. She co-directs two duos that perform internationally: MAZPOD (founded with NSCD graduate Phoebe Ophelia Douthwaite) and DamasteMAZPOD tells stories using traditional folk and contemporary dance theatre and Damaste is a collaboration with an electronic musician whose mission is to make words sweat.

Independently she has performed improvised poetry in Ein Halbe Treppe Tiefer (Ada Studios, Berlin). She has worked as Assistant Director to Mariano Stolkiner on Bio-lenta and El Año de Riccardo (Teatro Extranjero, Buenos Aires). She has also performed in 12 Days (Blue Mar Television, London), Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller’s CONTAINER# (Berliner Festspiele, Berlin).

Marianne is also concerned with how dance functions within the community and co-founded Ladies Project, a venture connecting professional dancers with asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds. She now works as an assistant to Jo Parkes, teaching dance in refugee accommodation centres around Berlin.