BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary)


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My name is Pianpian Li, I finished my three years bachelor education at NSCD in 2016. When I was applying to schools, Northern caught my eye with its freedom, diversity and honesty. The school is in the North of England and the local students are very open and welcoming. Together with the students coming from all over Europe, I was able to settle into the environment without any difficulties.

The course is practical and covers many areas, focusing on your personal development with plenty of opportunities and platforms for you to perform your ideas. Leeds is a beautiful city with a rich history but is also a dynamic and fresh place to be thanks to a number of universities. During my three years of study, I went on a journey of self-discovery, learning to think independently and find my own unique style. Since graduation, I have continued to explore my interest in dance theatre, improvisation and physical theatre. Studying at NSCD changed the way I see the world, I became more positive and learnt to live in the moment.