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Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: developed out of NSCD’s rigorous learning and teaching culture, this research area is about developing best practices in teaching and learning within a world-leading HE dance training institution. It covers a range of subjects such as curriculum design, teaching methods, assessment, student support and inclusive, accessible learning.  

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Dr. James Else – Living Work – Rethinking approaches to the management of teaching staff within a dance conservatoire
Eric Assandri – Is ‘Touching’ Essential When Teaching Ballet?
Darren Carr – An in-reaching community of practice: Constructing a learning co-operative, using a project based teaching and learning model in a Higher Education
Darren Carr – JUMP IN(tegrated) Dance: a learning community and model of practice in Higher Education
Darren Carr – JUMP IN: Can the creation of an integrated peer learning community in real time and through the virtual landscapes become a valuable learning tool within a Conservatoire setting?
Fabiano Culora – Orientation Score – Embodied Relational Practice for Interdisciplinary Performers
Antonio Bukhar – Teaching Afro-fusion in higher education as a means to aid decolonisation
Fernanda Prata – A Transpractice Methodology for Dance Conservatoires: The Dancer Training Within an Integrative Approach
Matthew Slater – The impact of a student buddy system on engagement, performance and sense of community within HE conservatoire technique training