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Phil Sanger - ​​The places from which we lead

In progress – Interactive Digital/Online Archive 

Specific to marginalised experiences this research uses performance and transmodal forms of communication to evolve the way we approach representation and access. Drawing on affect theory to illustrate the way we affect and are affected, the research explores leadership dynamics and legacy through reporting to: a) Acknowledge (represent) non-conscious experience of intensity, and b) Establish meeting ‘places’ for communication that cannot be fully realise (Accessed) in language. The research does this in the following ways: 

1 – Focus Group/Ethnographic observations of Ramped. Ramped have agreed to support this research by hosting 3 research participants and by accommodating a focus group. The company of 8 performers will be observed during a creative process and performance with preliminary and follow up interviews to be documented. 

2- Peer review & supervision, I will share the research with practising artists and coaches to discuss the efficacy of the uses and adaptations that I have proposed. The discussions will be filmed, and considerations will be invited from the group in writing. 

3 – Studio based workshops: Practical testing of the ideas with several groups of various ages and abilities, and in multiple scenarios. Sessions will be filmed/photographed. Groups include: NSCD student cohorts and societies including LGBTQ+ and People of Greatest Majority (varying groups of 7 to 50 dancers) YMD – intergenerational dance group. (10 dancers ages 30 to 65) Friends of Dorothy – LGBTQ+ group for community elders. Skyline: HIV+ support group