Matthew Slater

Role and Responsibilities

Contemporary Technique
Performance Practice
Partner Work
Rehearsal Direction


PgDip in Performance
BPA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance

Career History

Matthew began dancing at the age of 17 whilst studying A-Level Performing Arts and went on to train at NSCD, graduating in 2005. He toured with VERVE before completing a postgraduate diploma at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), and toured internationally as a member of EDge to France, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal in work choreographed by Sue MacLennan, Trisha Brown and Siobhan Davies.

Upon graduating from LCDS Matt joined Yael Flexer’s Bedlam Dance Company and toured as part of her production of Doing, Done and Undone alongside working for Retina Dance Company in their graduate project PAGE1. He worked with Retina extensively between 2006 and 2014 as a dancer, rehearsal director and Education Manager, touring internationally to Belgium, Germany, Ireland and South Korea.

In 2010 Matt joined the staff at NSCD as Education & Community Dance Worker (later Learning & Participation Officer) and since 2014 has been a Lecturer in Performance (Contemporary), teaching contemporary technique, partner work, performance practice, choreography and repertory.

“My work is very movement focused and is a hybrid of contemporary techniques that use full bodied connectivity to explore the ideas of weight, momentum, gravity, energy and expansiveness. My virtuosic vocabulary moves through the space and in and out of the floor with an emphasis on efficiency, use of breath and sensitivity.”

Professional Scholarly Activity & Research Interests

Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2006, The boy who never grows old, dance performance, East Midlands Tour
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2007, This is not a body, dance performance, International Tour
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2008, Relative Danger, dance performance, International Tour
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2009, Antipode, dance performance, International Tour
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2010, La Lutte, dance performance, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Busan International Dance Festival
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2010, Layers of Skin, dance performance, International Tour
Van Huffel, F (chor.) 2012, Corporalis, dance performance, International Tour

Performance Artefacts

Slater, M (chor.) 2011, Inertia, dance performance, March 2011, Fresh Youth Dance Platform, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Slater, M (chor.) 2012, Axis, dance performance, December 2012, Riley Theatre, NSCD, Leeds
Slater, M (chor.) 2015, Contra, dance performance, March 2015, Riley Theatre, NSCD, Leeds
Slater, M (chor.) 2015, Connections, dance performance, December 2015, Riley Theatre, NSCD, Leeds

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