NSCD alumni in Resolution Festival 2023


Tuesday 16th May 2023, 4:57pm NSCD alumni in Resolution Festival 2023


13 alumni from Northern School of Contemporary Dance and 2 current students are amongst 57 artists selected to present and perform original choreography as part of Resolution Festival 2023. Set up by London’s creative powerhouse for dance development, the annual event returns to The Place across 19 nights from Thu 18 May to Fri 16 Jun 2023.

Now in its 37th year, Resolution Festival is the UK’s biggest festival for new dance work that challenges expectations and breaks convention. Celebrating the work of emerging artists, it’s an opportunity for choreographers to take the next step in their professional careers.

The majority of NSCD alumni taking part completed either the BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary) at NSCD or the MA Contemporary Dance Performance (VERVE).

Let’s take a look at the exciting programme of work that will feature our alumni:

Red Lick

by Sunniva Moen Rorvik

Date: Thursday 18 May

Performers: Yu-Chien Cheng (VERVE 2022 alumna); Bel Eade; Sula Castle; Roseann Dendy; Löe D'Arcy and Andrea Callaghan

Mixtape movement fueled by hairspray, sour candy and Pepsi Max, Red Lick invites you to ride the rollercoaster down memory lane to (in Sunniva's opinion) the best pop-culture moments of all time.

Sunniva Moen Rørvik’s striking choreographic style creates comedic mayhem on stage, with lip-syncing to Trønderrock, honouring mother Gaga and costume changes on costume changes on costume changes.

All swirling in a perplexing mix instigated by queer Norwegian adolescence. It’s unpolished, unfinished and the first iteration of a wild ride.

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I’m sorry to disappoint you all

by The 12th Floor

Date: Friday 19 May

Performers & choreographers: Charis Crudington and Mette Nelsen (both BA 2020 graduates)

The 12th Floor is a newly established duo created by Charis and Mette. Having met at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the two friends made their way to the south, sharing a flat on the 12th floor somewhere in East London.

After completing postgraduate degrees in London, Mette has since performed in several opera productions at the Royal Opera House whilst Charis has delved into producing and filmmaking through ventures with East London Dance and the Roundhouse.

Now they join forces for their first ever work together.

I’m sorry to disappoint you all is an ode to perceived failure. Intertwining eclectic movement and film projection, set to a soundscore by Phoebe Coco, two friends tangle together. Cocooned in their small flat and swallowed by the vastness of the city, the unravelling begins.

Charis is also performing in Annelise Bucher’s Relay on the same night.

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Life goes on

by Ed Mitchell

Date: Saturday 27 May

Performers: Ed Mitchell, (NSCD BA 2020 & VERVE 2021); Edan Carter, (former NSCD student), Grace Ford, (NSCD BA 2021)

Music by: Max Revell (NSCD BA 2020)

Life goes on explores the challenges we face in navigating life's unexpected obstacles. When two people are faced with adversity, how do they confront it?

In collaboration with the dancers, this work reflects the choices we make when faced with challenging scenarios through detailed physical storytelling.

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If I wanted I could use this time wisely

by Naomi Chockler

Date: Wednesday 31 May

Performers: Naomi Chockler; Alex Gosmore; Alice Marriott; Grace Ford; Imogen Wright (all NSCD BA 2021)

Drawing on themes of loneliness and a yearning for connection, the piece will display with detailed physicality the moments we grasp and the moments that slip away from us in a fast-paced society.

The performance questions: How do performers find pockets of solace within one another as we ask each other: 'are you here with me til landing?'

If I wanted I could use this time wisely will be directed and choreographed by Naomi Chockler.

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When Trees Fall

by Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley

Date: Tuesday 13 June

Performers: Jonny Aubrey-Bentley; Genevieve Reeves; Ed Mitchell (all NSCD BA 2019), joined by Igea Noioso

Music by: Jonny Aubrey-Bentley. Thunderstorm effect (loud music, strobe)

“First there was a crash and a rumble underground

Then sideways became upwards and upwards came down…”

This is a piece about connection. Inspired by the interconnectivity of the forest and its supportive networks, When Trees Fall explores the healing power of nature in times of loss and uncertainty.

Trees, like us, have the capacity to communicate. They do this via their root systems which connect to a network of fungi. This symbiotic relationship forms a collaborative structure known as the mycorrhizal network, or the Wood Wide Web. But what happens when it breaks?

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I wonder if this may be held

by Fabio Pronestì 

Date: Tuesday 13 June

Performers: Fabio Pronestì (current VERVE Dancer) and Lorenzo Tombesi

A series of glimpses from the past are held together halfway through our waists, in the calmness of a walk. A practice of encountering the other, rooted in place of seeding, and watered during their time apart.

I Wonder if This May be Held is a practice of encountering the other. In collaboration with Lorenzo Tombesi and visual artist Denise Aimar, the work shares a reflection about what holds the encounter together, while encouraging it to grow.

In this space there is a possibility to recognize each other's reach and be reached out for. The audience is invited to be involved in the performers' consequential unfolding.

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A Three Part Drama

by Andrew Scott

Date: Thursday 15 June

Performers: Andrew Scott

Music, poetry, photography, choreography and lighting design: Andrew Scott (current VERVE dancer)

Trapped in an endless series; Andrew finds himself in the same scenes as he was in many years ago, and feels these scenes will forever repeat itself in times to come. Filled with lonesome and confusion, Andrew longs to tap the fast forward button in hope to break the loop and feel anything but this.

This series is based on real events, although some scenes have been dramatised.

This is A Three Part Drama.

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Dug Meat

by Tough Boys Dance Collective

Date: Friday 16 June

Performers: Yu-Chien Cheng (VERVE 2022 alumna); Donna Smith; Andrea Callaghan; Naissa Bjørn; Charlotte Bennett

This work lives as our reaction to the burning hot summer of 2022. We noticed that there is a collective feeling of dread among us, that taints our basic experience of care, conflict, obsession, resilience, sex and community. In this climate of paralysing oversaturation, the work we are presenting is not really about what we’re feeling about the state of our world, but how we are feeling it together.

Within a cyclical structure, the movement draws from contemporary physicalities and hip hop theatre. We’ve worked with our dancers to develop a collective language that sees the human devolve into the dog, the slug and the corpse.

Where do we go now that all the grass is dead?

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Resolution Festival 2023 marks an opportunity for artists from all over the world to push creative boundaries, to experiment and to perform outstanding new work for audiences who expect to be surprised, inspired and delighted.

Speaking of the festival, Eddie Nixon, Artistic Director of The Place says:

“Resolution [exists] to give opportunities to dancemakers; to try new ideas and support them to develop their creative voice and careers.”

Resolution Festival runs from Thu 18 May to Fri 16 Jun 2023 at The Place.

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