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You can access online content from a number of print journals subscribed to by the library


By logging into OpenAthens & selecting the International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance (IBTD) database from the resources list you can browse issues of these journals, as well as view and print full text articles:

  • Choreographic Practices
  • Contact Quarterly
  • Dance Chronicle
  • Dance Now
  • Dance Magazine
  • Dance Research
  • Dance Teacher
  • Dancing Times
  • International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media
  • Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices
  • Journal of Dance Education | 2004-2012
  • Journal of Dance Medicine & Science
  • PAJ : a journal of performance & art
  • Performance Research | online index
  • Pulse | 2016-2017
  • Research in Dance Education

If you are onsite you can access the database directly on any networked computer.

OpenAthens IBTD | Onsite Access


By accessing the Ingentaconnect platform on any NSCD networked computer or from home via OpenAthens you can browse issues of these journals, as well as view and print full text articles:

  • MPPA | Medical Problems of Performing Artists

All new & archived content for the following journal titles has moved to the Intellect Discover platform:

  • Choreographic Practices
  • Dance, Movement & Spiritualities
  • Global Hip Hop Studies
  • JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students | Vol. 1 No.2, 2015 – Vol. 8 No.1, 2018
  • Journal of Arts & Communities
  • Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices
  • Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture

Whilst you will still be able to access pre-2023 content archives for these titles on the IngentaConnect platform, we recommend you utilise Intellect Discover to ensure you access the most up-to-date content relating to these titles.

OpenAthens Ingenta | Onsite Access

Intellect Discover

By accessing the Intellect Discover platform on any NSCD networked computer or from home via OpenAthens you can browse issues of these journals, as well as view and print full text articles:

  • Choreographic Practices
  • Dance, Movement & Spiritualities
  • Global Hip Hop Studies
  • JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students | Vol. 1 No.2, 2015 – Vol. 8 No.1, 2018
  • Journal of Arts & Communities
  • Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices
  • Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture
OpenAthens Intellect Discover | Onsite Access

Taylor & Francis

By accessing the Taylor & Francis platform on any NSCD networked computer or from home via OpenAthens you can browse issues of these journals, as well as view and print full text articles:

  • Body, Movement & Dance in Psychotherapy
  • Dance Chronicle
  • Dance Education in Practice | 2018 >
  • International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media
  • Journal of Aesthetics & Phenomenology
  • Journal of Dance Education | 2018 >
  • Performance Research
  • Research in Dance Education
  • Teaching Artist Journal | 2021 >
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • Theatre, Dance & Performance Training
OpenAthens Taylor & Francis | Onsite Access


Animated is published by People Dancing (formerly known as The Foundation for Community Dance), the title can be accessed & browsed online.

You can use the online archive tool to search past issues of the journal for articles of interest. Then simply locate the back issue in the library & archive collections or on the People Dancing website, allowing you to read any articles that relate to your area of research.

Animated Archive Search

Arts Professional

Arts Professional creates & curates the most relevant content for those with a professional interest in the arts sector. Content includes :  news, jobs, events, courses, directories & features.

You can access Arts Professional paywall content from any networked NSCD computer  without having to log on (IP authentication). If you are a staff member working off-site you can also access paywall content via your remote desktop.


Arts Professional | Onsite Access

Contact Quarterly


Contact Quarterly, the journal of dance, improvisation, performance, & contemporary movement arts, is the longest living, independent, artist-made, not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine devoted to the dancer’s voice.

In January 2020, after producing the final issue of CQ as a print periodical (Vol. 45.1), CQ have transitioned to publishing their year-round online journal – CQ Unbound – allowing subscribers to access original writings from 2008 ongoing.

From any networked NSCD computer you can now access full text content on the CQ website:
CQ Unbound | 2008 – to date
CI Newsletter | 2010 – to date

You can also use the CQ Journal of Dance & Improvisation section as an index to back issues of the discontinued journal, which can then be located in the NSCD Library’s journal collection.

You can access full text issues of Contact Quarterly from 01/01/2005 to 2020 via the IBTD database.

CQ Unbound | Onsite Access CI Newsletter | Onsite Access

Dance Art Journal

An online dance magazine that writes about underrepresented dance makers, publishing dance reviews, interviews and features.

Formed by seven writers, the publication creates content that puts independent artists at the forefront; writing reviews, conducting interviews and using social media channels to support and promote artists’ work.

“Mainstream publications, with an emphasis on traffic-driven content, rarely connect with the contemporary dance scene that independent dance artists spend their careers working in. At DAJ we are committed to documenting the whole story, to maximise the reach of independent artists’ work.”


Dance Index

Dance Index was founded by Lincoln Kirstein in 1942. Over the following seven years, 56 issues were published, presenting original scholarship on a wide range of dance subjects.

In the spirit of its predecessor the new Dance Index, launched in 2017 by Eakins Press Foundation, examines the multi-dimensional richness & diversity of the world of dance. Its intention is to surprise & excite a general audience with a new level of understanding and appreciation of the real & critical importance of dance in contemporary culture.

You can use the online ‘past issues’ tool to search & view the original 56 issues of the journal, published between 1942-1948.

18 of the original print issues from 1944-1948 & all issues published from 2017 can be found in the library Journal Collections. The most recent print issue can be found on  the journal rack in the library.

Dance Index

Dance Research

Dance Research, the journal of the Society for Dance Research, is essential reading for those involved in the study & practice of dance. It provides an international forum for the presentation & discussion of contemporary dance research & contains a section of comprehensive book & journal reviews.

Dance Research is addressed to scholars & practitioners working within the many disciplines which constitute Dance Studies – Studies of Dancers; Ballet; Choreography; Dance & Movement; Dance & Music; Dance History & Social History; Folk Dance; Injuries, Fitness & Nutrition Studies; Performance Technique; The Sociology of Dance; The Anthropology of Dance.

The print copy of the journal is available in the library. You can also access a full index, back issues from 2005 onwards & the current issue of the title on the Edinburgh University Press (EUP) website. Any content marked with ‘s’ or ‘f’ is available full text as part of our subscription or for free.

Full Text access is also available via the IBTD database, with the last 12 months content embargoed.

Dance Research OpenAthens

Feldenkrais Research Journal

The Feldenkrais Research Journal focuses on research into the Feldenkrais Method® and related fields of practice, thought, research, action, and awareness. This peer reviewed Journal seeks to engage in a dialogue about research within the Feldenkrais professional field and beyond.

You can view all the issues of the journal online.

Feldenkrais Research Journal

Finnish Dance in Focus

A journal published once a year by Dance Info Finland… exploring Artists, phenomena, & ideas across the Finnish dance scene. Available from the NSCD Library journal collections or online…

Published by Dance Info Finland who promote the development of Finnish dance art & work to improve its status/operating conditions in society. Its activities include both domestic & internationally oriented work.

In January 2023 Dance Info Finland merged with Circus Info Finland, becoming Circus & Dance Finland.

Finnish Dance in Focus | Full Text Circus & Dance Finland

Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Medical Problems of Performing Artists is available online from any school computer.

Simply go to the MPPA website, select ‘access journal’ & you’ll be taken to the journal page on the IngentaConnect portal.

If you are off-site simply log into OpenAthens & access the IngentaConnect portal to view current & back issues of the MPPA journal.


NIVEL | Artistic Research in the Performing Arts

NIVEL is the open access publication series of the Theatre Academy Helsinki at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Publications on the site come in a range of languages including Finnish & English, covering topics ranging from artistic research to the poetics of form.



You can access online copies of Pulse magazine by going to their website & clicking on the cover image of the current or previous issue.


The Stage

You can access online copies of The Stage from 2018 onwards.

The Stage is a British weekly newspaper & website covering the entertainment industry, & particularly theatre. It was founded in 1880. It contains news, reviews, opinion, features, & recruitment advertising, mainly directed at those who work in theatre & the performing arts.

You can access The Stage content on the Exact Editions platform from any networked NSCD computer without having to log on (IP authentication). If you are a student or staff member working off-site you can also access the archive & current issues via OpenAthens.

Users within our IP ranges can now use the Exactly app to access our subscription to The Stage. You can download the app on iOSAndroid, simply search for ‘Exactly’ to locate & download the app. Remember the access will only work when you are on the NSCD wifi & in the building…


The Stage | Onsite Access The Stage | OpenAthens


The Drama Review is available online from any NSCD computer via the MIT & Cambridge Core portals:

  • 2009 to 2020 back issues can be viewed onsite via the MIT website
  • Issues from 2021 onwards can be viewed onsite via Cambridge Core

TDR traces the broad spectrum of performances – studying performances in their aesthetic, social, economic, & political contexts. With an emphasis on experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, & interdisciplinary performance, TDR covers performance art, theatre, dance, music, visual art, popular entertainments, media, sports, rituals, & the performance in and of politics & everyday life. Long known as the basic resource for current scholarship in performance studies, TDR continues to be the liveliest forum for debate on important performances in every medium, setting, & culture.

To access the TDR archive from outside the NSCD network, log into OpenAthens & select MIT or Cambridge Core from the resource list. You can also use the International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance (IBTD) database via OpenAthens. Please note whilst you can access many TDR full text articles via IBTD you can’t see the most recent (last 12 months) or some of the older issues – use MIT & Cambridge Core to access these.


MIT | 2009-2020 Cambridge Core | 2021 onwards

Writings on Dance

Writings on Dance is a journal of analysis, commentary, theory of the moving body – committed to supporting alternative practices in dance & other arts through documentation, critical reflection, & commentary. It is primarily a journal by & for artists & was published in Australia from 1985 to 2012.

We hold the full print run in the Library & Archive journal collection. You can use the online content listings on the Writing on Dance website to locate content in our print collection.

Writings on Dance | Content Listing

Free to access online journals

We don’t hold print copies of the following journals in the library & archive collections but you can access full text content online:


TOCs | Tables of Contents

A searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs). It contains articles’ metadata of TOCs for over 22,053 journals directly collected from over 1795 publishers.

Comprehensive research database, giving you access to over 28,500 journals & more than 52 million article citations & conference papers through the British Library’s electronic table of contents. This service was discontinued in August 2022.


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

DOJA offers open access to scientific & scholarly journals.

DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes & provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ is independent. All funding is via donations, from sponsors & from members & publisher members. All DOAJ services are free of charge & all data is freely available.