In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 4:51pm In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Image: Folu Odimayo performs his graduation solo

We were deeply saddened and disturbed to learn of the circumstances of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last week. As a school community we are united with those around the world who are mourning and angry at the sustained injustice.

NSCD Principal Sharon Watson said:

“The unlawful, unjustified killings of black people isn’t just an American problem. Too often too many choose to turn a blind eye to these acts of violence.  It’s not business as usual as many take to the streets and many take the knee, neither is it the sole job of black people to fix the problem.

Racism can be an awkward, challenging and often difficult thing to talk about however, just because something doesn’t directly impact you does not give you permission to stay silent or turn away.

Here at NSCD we understand the extent to which people are prepared to go in order to be heard and for lives to be respected.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ and ‘the time is always right to do what’s right’. Let’s remember our humanity in times of grief and suffering."

As an institution we were built on the premise that opportunity is for all, and that an individual’s potential and talent, not ethnicity, should dictate access to opportunity.

As Headteacher at Harehills Middle School in Leeds, our founding Principal Nadine Senior inspired 40 young Black men to go on and pursue successful careers in dance.

As a school with a proud 35+ year history we continue to embody her spirit, remaining committed to equal opportunity and to a society that is diverse, inclusive, tolerant and respectful, championing diverse representation at all levels of our organisation.

We take pride in every individual that comes through our doors, and value each and every one of them. And yet we recognise there is more work to be done. We encourage all members of our community to call out racism, to read, educate, participate in protest and donate if they can.

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