Tuesday 31st October 2023, 5:44pm NSCD and Stopgap announce new partnership


NSCD is excited to announce a new collaborative partnership with Stopgap Dance Company.

Together, both organisations will work to support the development of an increasingly inclusive dance sector, building on each other's strong commitment to equity, equality and access.  In particular, the partnership aims to focus on the following:

  • increasing access and signposting for young Disabled people
  • normalising identifying and responding to the needs of the individual within dance training and performance environments
  • developing inclusive teaching practice in the dance HE/conservatoire sector
  • enhancing progression routes for disabled dancers
  • creating opportunities for professional development for disabled and non-disabled dancers and dance teachers
  • expanding platforms for inclusive and disabled-led choreographic commissions

Sharon Watson MBE, CEO and Principal of NSCD, said:

“By fostering meaningful connections with leading companies like Stopgap, we empower our students to contribute to the advancement of the profession. Through hands-on experiences and nurturing individuals we pave the way for a brighter future in the world of dance”

Lucy Bennet, Co-Artistic Director of Stopgap Dance Company, said:

"Stopgap are thrilled to be partnering with NSCD. Together we can ensure practical and progressive support for Northern’s Disabled dance students. When reflecting on our history and the journeys of Stopgap’s Disabled artists we have learnt that an evolving inclusive culture can benefit everyone."

Laura Jones, Co-Artistic Director of Stopgap Dance Company said:

"This exciting partnership will enable us to use our immense joint experience and expertise to improve the accessibility and equitability of high-quality dance training and dancer development. The work will support the future of the dance sector to become richer and more diverse, improving it for all."