Wednesday 23rd August 2023, 1:35pm NSCD Student selected for Scholarship with Aakash Odedra Company


NSCD student, Krishnapriya Natarajan​, who has just completed her first year on the BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary) course, has secured a full scholarship place on the Aakash Odedra Company's ROOTS Intensive Programme. 

Aakash Odedra Company is dedicated to helping dancers discover their own unique routes, empowering them to pursue their passion and make a lasting impact on the dance world. The intensive features workshops delivered by Aakash Odedra Company, NSCD alumni Akram Khan Company, Russell Maliphant & Dana Fouras - Russell Maliphant Studios, NSCD alumni Alleyne Dance, and NSCD partners Hofesh Shechter Company.

Krishna is one of six exceptional pre-professional artists to be selected for this opportunity, and each dancer has been chosen for their exceptional talent, dedication, and ambition to represent the future of contemporary dance.  

Founder of the ROOTS Intensive Programme, Kesha Raithatha, met Krishna during a CAT intensive creation week at The Lowry in Manchester. During this week, Krishna was offering support and guidance to the students during Kesha’s commission. Speaking of Krishna’s involvement in the CAT intensive creation week, Kesha commented: 

“What immediately stood out to me about Krishna was her engaged interest, a focused and observant eye, and a desire to understand the movement language of the choreography and my creative vision. 

With a versatile dance background, she displayed dedication, potential for growth, and overall commitment to dance, which are exactly the sort of qualities we look for in the dancers we award scholarships to. I am excited to see how the ROOTS programme will aid Krishna in discovering more of her own dance language.” 

Speaking of receiving the scholarship, Krishna commented:

“This is a huge opportunity for me to work with companies that are constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance, whilst making connections with inspiring artists along the way. What I admire about Aakash Odedra Company is the incorporation of the founder's South Asian dance roots in a contemporary setting, which I’m particularly interested in due to my background in bharatanatyam.” 

The ROOTS Intensive Programme takes place over five different weekends from early September until February 2024, meaning that those who have been awarded a scholarship will benefit from this staggered structure of workshops, giving dancers a chance to absorb what they have learnt before moving onto the next workshop. The journey of the five weekends will take dancers through intensive training in varied styles and techniques, including contemporary dance and elements of classical Indian dance. The workshops will be an integral part of the program, exploring a range of choreographic methodologies and performative approaches.

Students and individuals participating in ROOTS can gain various opportunities during and after its completion. These include:

1. Skill Development: Participants will be inspired and have the chance to enhance their technical abilities, creative artistry, and performance skills through intensive training from world-renowned companies and choreographers

2. Networking: Dance intensives often bring together dancers, choreographers, and industry professionals, providing opportunities to network and make connections within the dance community

Krishna said:

"I’m extremely excited to be part of ROOTS and it feels amazing to have been awarded a scholarship. All of the experiences and opportunities that have come my way at NSCD so far, such as the Aakash Odedra Company scholarship, have given me a newfound confidence and the space to nurture my individuality as an artist.”