Musician / Caretaker

A1 Army Music Qualification (degree equivalent)

Instruments: Percussion

Career history

Geoff started his career as a musician in the army where he worked as a musician for five years, playing percussion.  After leaving the army he spent several years playing in sessions and recordings with a wide range of local bands, including the salsa band Casa Latina All Stars. He also gigged with Omar Puente, Cuban jazz violinist, for ten years, touring throughout the UK. Geoff has been working at NSCD since 1989 and also accompanies classes at Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Professional activity and research interests

In 2015 Geoff spent 8 months in Rodrigues, Mauritius in Africa, studying the indigenous music under one of the top local musicians, Tino Samoisy, and playing with him in his band.

“During this time, I had the opportunity to experiment with different types of drums, including the Tambor, and learn new drumming techniques that I had never come across before. I have woven these new techniques into my music which has added a new aspect and interest to my work.”