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Gracefool Collective is the collaborative venture of dance artists Kate Cox, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg. The collective’s performances incorporate dance, theatre and comedy, mixing sharp observation with quick wit, energy and playfulness. Since being awarded CATAPULT in 2014, Gracefool have received the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe award ‘Underbelly Untapped’, toured with Red Ladder Theatre and performed internationally.

“CATAPULT provided us with exactly the right support we needed to kick start our career. It gave us invaluable resources to develop our creative practice – mentoring, advocacy, producer support and most importantly time and studio space, something which felt like a rare privilege at the time!

The programme also allowed us to experiment and make mistakes, which ultimately gave us the confidence to develop our voice as a collective. As a result, more organisations within the industry began to see Gracefool as worthy of investment. We have since been awarded Underbelly Untapped (a prestigious award for new writing at the Edinburgh Fringe), toured with renowned company Red Ladder Theatre and have performed and been commissioned to create work internationally.

We will embark on a second national tour of the work we began developing under CATAPULT in autumn 2018. CATAPULT was absolutely crucial to getting Gracefool off the ground and we almost certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without it.”

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